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How to design a surge protection system for industrial installations

tintuc1Find out with this guide the necessary surge protector devices (SPD) to avoid damages in case of overvoltages.



Surge protection for power supply lines

    Direct lightning effects – Type 1: ATSHOCK series [1]
    Attenuated lightning effects:
        Type 2: ATSUB series [2]
        Type 1+2: ATSHIELD series [2]
        Type 1+2+3: ATCOVER series [2]
        Attenuated electromagnetic effects of lightning: ATSOCKET series or ATPLUG series [3]

Surge protection for telecommunications and data lines

    Type 2+3 coordinated:
        ATFONO series [4]
        ATLINE Series [5]
        ATFREQ series [6]
        ATLAN series [7]

Download here the sample chart of a surge protection system for industrial installations.


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