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Work Health & Safety Codes relating to Preventive Lightning Protection

ATSTORMAplicaciones Tecnológicas has trained Work Health and Safety managers about the regulations in the field of Lightning Protection.

Last June was held in ISSGA- Institute for Work Health & Safety Codes- a seminar about Work Health & Safety Codes relating to Preventive Lightning Protection that was attended by more than 50 managers and specialists in this area.

Preventive protection means having information in advance, from a storm detector, that allows the user to start temporary preventive measures before the storm begins. These measures will be deactivated after the storm.

Typically, in every country there are regulations that may be related to Work Health & Safety Codes relating to Lightning Protection. Internationally, the main standard about preventive lightning protection is EN 50536: Lightning Protection Systems - Thunderstorm warning systems, that establishes to use a storm detector in order to take preventive measures.

Such is the case of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ATSTORM®v2 storm detector. Our detector records the measurements of the evolution of the electric field, setting up before the lightning storm happens, the alert level that activates the security protocol.


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