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APLICACIONES TECNOLÓGICAS, S.A. maufactures the safest and most advanced lightning protection systems.
Since its creation in 1986, our company has been doing big efforts in the investigation of the lightning phenomena and in the development of protection systems, additional components and efficient tools to avoid the harming effects caused by atmospheric discharges.
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.has been certified with a quality recognition certificate in design, production, installation and maintenance of lightning conductors and surge protection systems following the ISO9000 rules.
Within the lightning protection division, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet all needs:

  1. Early streaming emission lightning protection: ESE Dat Controler Plus, ESE Trazor Terminal
  2. Earth terminations : Dynamic electrodes, Conducrtiver Plus, Spark Gap
  3. Exothemic welding : Apliweld
  4. Surge Protection for Power Supply Lines, Tel Lines, Data Lines and Signal Lines
  5. Preventive Protection Storm Detector




Alltec Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lightning protection, grounding system and trasient voltage surge suppession technology (TVSS). Founded in 1991, we have focused continuously on innovating new technology, improving product quality, and enhancing customer service. As Solution Providers for an Energized World™, we offer a comprehensive facility protection approach to solving the world’s most difficult lightning, grounding, and power quality problems.

  1. TerraStat® Charge Dissipation Terminals
  2. PowerTrip® Transient Voltage Surge Supression
  3. TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission Terminals
  4. TerraDyne® Electrolytic Grounding Systems
  5. TerraFill® Low-Resistivity Grounding Backfill
  6. TerraWeld® Exothermic Welding

Chauvin Arnoux

Founded in 1893 by Raphaël Chauvin and René Arnoux, Chauvin Arnoux has had a considerable influence on the development of measurement technology.
A long and prestigious list of inventions, such as the Universal Tester (the precursor of the multimeter) and the ammeter clamp, bears witness to this fact. Throughout the 20th century, Chauvin Arnoux filed more than 350 patents and trade marks.
These last few years have been marked by the gain of some impressive brand names such as Metrix, Pyro-Contrôle, Enerdis, Oritel and Radio Contrôle

The Chauvin Arnoux Group is organized into activity-based divisions around its traditional areas of expertise:

  1. Portable instruments for Test & Measurement of electrical and environmental parameters (CHAUVIN ARNOUX, METRIX & MULTIMETRIX brandnames),
  2.  Power Measurement & Control instruments (ENERDIS & RADIO-CONTROLE brandnames) for measurement, metering and supervision of electrical networks,
  3. PYRO-CONTROLE thermosensors and temperature measurement, control and supervision instruments. 


Founded in 1936, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipment against electrical transients. These solutions are issued from continuous efforts in research & development, on the component level (such as Gas Discharge Tube), but also on all surge protection ranges to be ahead of our customers needs. CITEL is a worldwide leader in the surge protection market. CITEL has manufacturing facilities in France and in China and has sales office located in France, Germany, USA, China and Eastern Europe

  1. DIN Rail AC Power Surge Protectors.
  2. AC Power Surge Protector Units.
  3. Plug-in AC Surge Protectors
  4. Telecom and Data Surge Protector
  5. Coaxial Surge Protectors

CYLIX Data Line Surge Protection

The Cylix Corporation is the industry's leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of data/telecommunication line surge protection devices. Founded in 1987, Cylix Corporation's invention of the 3-D Balanced Array Protector earned industry recognition and set the "gold standard" in communication line surge protection.
Our state-of-the-art avalanche diode technology provides high-speed, high-energy handling capability in a compact, in-line design for easy installation providing an effective solution for stand-alone or structured environments.
Cylix offers seven series of surge protection products with over 4,000 production variations. Through our Custom Products Division we design surge protection solutions for nearly every application or network environment.
Cylix Applications include: Hubs, Routers, Switches, Modems, CSU/DSU, T1, DSL, ISDN, CATV, CCTV, USB and more!


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