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Lightning & Surge Protection Devices and Professional Test & Measurement Tools



External Lightning Protection

The lightning currents from the clouds can be direct strike on structures, building and human as well. It’s necessary to invest the external lightning protection system.
-    The conventional conductors
-    The Early Streamer Emitters
-    The Dissipation Terminals


Internal Lightning Protection

Transient overvoltages have four main causes: Lightning, Industrial and switching surge, Electrostatic discharges (ESD), Nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP). It can be destroyed the connected devices.
  -    AC Surge Protection Devices
-    DC Surge Protection Devices
-    Data Lines Surge Protection Devices
-    ADSL & ISDL Telephone Lines Surge Protection Devices
-    Signal Lines Surge Protection Devices 
-    Coaxial Cable Surge Protection Devices


Grounding System

The Earth Termination System is essential for Lightning Protection since the lightning current should disperse there. A well designed earthing system is basic for any electrical installation to avoid the danger associated with fault currents.
-    Earth Electrodes
-    Ground Enhancing Products
-    Exothermic Welding
-    Spark Gap for Earth Bonding


Test & Measurement Devices for Power systems, Earthing systems & Surge Protection systems 

To make sure the power systems, earthing systems and lightning protection systems to be working satisfactorily, the Users need to provide professional electricians and electronic engineers with hand-held instruments from the Chauvin Arnoux and Metrix brands.
-   Hand-held Test and Measurement Voltage Tester
-   Measuring the quality of energy and network
-   Megohmeters
-   Earth and Resistivity Testers
-   Microhmmeters
-   Physics Line
-   Radiation Temperature Testers
-   Expert oscilloscopes, Generator and Multimeter
-   Radiofrequency and Mircowave Measurements
-   Calibrators


Storm Detectors 

A proper preventive protection system can avoid important economic losses and damage to living Beings. Having information about lightning storms is especially convenient for taking decisions in some of the following situations involving people in open areas, sensitive goods, losses in industrial procedures, guarantee of basic services, infrastructures, civil defense organization, environmental protection, accidents in workplaces, open areas structures…

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