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Charge Dissipation Terminals


Terrastat TS-100 - Lightning Dissipation Terminals

Designed to replace the traditional air terminal in conventional lightning protection systems. The TS-100 converts a standard lightning rod system into a Lightning Dissipation System, which mitigates the chances of a direct lightning strike to any building or structure on which it is installed. >>>>

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Terrastat TS-400 - Lightning Dissipation Terminals

Using the same features as the TS-100, the TS-400 provides a higher level of dissipation. It is constructed completely of Stainless Steel and utilizes four dissipation brushes attached to a single elevation conductor for higher dissipation on a single mount. >>>>
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Terrastat TS-500 - Lightning Dissipation Terminals

ALLTEC Corporation’s latest development in dissipation products utilizes the Point Discharge Principal for the mitigation of direct lightning strikes to communications and broadcast towers and other tall structures. The TS-500 is constructed completely of 300 series stainless steel for durability. >>>>

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Terrastat TS-510 - Lightning Dissipation Terminals
The TerraStat TS-510 is the horizontal version of  the TerraStat TS-500 and is designed to be mounted horizontally across the tops of large face section towers, on platforms and antenna arms.The TS-510 can also be used to protect water tanks, storage tanks, commercial cranes and other structures that have large areas of horizontal exposed steel. >>>>

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